Adda Clevenger Junior Preparatory and Theater School for Children

The Adda Clevenger School was established in 1980 to serve the needs of children who have above average or superior learning ability. The school offers grades kindergarten through eighth and is committed to providing the best in arts as well as academic education. Website:


TOSCA is a small, collaborative vocal ensemble of skilled singers who like to sing a cappella—simply for the joy of music. TOSCA, now the East Bay wing of the Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, evolved from a long-standing tradition of its members performing together at various venues during the holiday season. TOSCA members work together to develop a broad repertoire, such as we have presented at events as varied as the Jack London Square July Fourth Celebration, the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, and parties and weddings, as well as our ongoing performance of patriotic songs at the monthly Naturalization Ceremonies held in Oakland.


Swissnex creates a unique environment that stimulates strategic collaboration and active thinking. Working with key players of today and tomorrow swissnex enables an informed dialogue to anticipate trends and fruitful partnerships. We are located in the heart of San Francisco – the gateway to Silicon Valley and Asia – a vibrant crossroads of scientific, entrepreneurial, academic and innovative activity.

Casa de los 3 Mundos – Nicaragua

Mission Statement

The foundation “Casa de los Tres Mundos” is an institution created to initiate, support and promote cultural projects in Nicaragua and Central America. Besides these artistic, musical and educational activities, which emphasize support for the poorer segments of Nicaraguan society, the foundation finances and coordinates an integrative rural development project in Malacatoya.


The offer of the Music Academy ranges from instrumental as well as vocal classes. Every student is required to fulfill a curriculum in music theory, solfege, music history and the participation in the various ensembles. Since 2004 Urs Leonhardt Steiner is the Director of the Music Academy. The School has fourteen teachers employed on a regular basis; guest tutors and renowned visiting musicians periodically work with the advanced students in master classes. Kevin Gutierrez is the Coordinator of the academy. The Music Academy of the Casa de los Tres Mundos has been working successfully for more than ten years now. Every year its educational program is reaching more and more children and young people of all social classes. The Music Academy has approximately 160 pupils .It has an Adult and a Children’s Chorus as well as various Ensembles.


The Churer Konzertreihe (Chur Concert Series) and the Ensemble! Have been founded in the spring of 2001 by David Sontn-Caflisch the artistic director of the series. Ensemble! Mainly plays music of the 20th century as well as contemporary music and stands out for their special programme arrangements which go beyond the conventional form of classical concerts.