Chinese World Journal: Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra Chorus Concert

首頁 > 舊金山 歲月甘泉》灣區登場 【舊金山訊】 November 1, 2016, 6:00 am 356 次 歲月甘泉再次在灣區上演 交響樂合唱組曲《歲月甘泉》將於11月5日和6日在舊金山和伯克利公演。這次演出的特色是:由美國主流主辦,美國人指揮,美國人交響樂團演奏,美國歌唱演員以中文演唱中國交響樂合唱組曲。這將成為該作品演出史上的第一次。 舊金山的美國本土交響樂團和合唱團Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra & Chorus … Continue reading


KTSF – Channel 26 – Interview with Host: JiaYu Jeng

Oct 28, 2016 panel discussion of the Chinese cantata “Ask The Sky & The Earth” and its story of the Sent Down Youth for an upcoming performance by the Golden Gate Symphony Orchestra & Chorus in San Francisco on Nov 5th and in Berkeley Nov 6th, 2016.

English-language excerpt, part of panel discussion Oct 28, 2016 on KTSF, Channel 26 S F Bay Area, about upcoming performances Nov 5th in San Francisco and Nov 6th in Berkeley of the Chinese cantata “Ask The Sky & The Earth” from the personal stories of the “Sent Down Youth”


B-9 Blows the Roof off the Brewery….

Video from the GGSOC’s Beethoven’s Ninth concert on May 31, 2015 at the Southern Pacific Brewing Company in SF–another thundering success bringing music to EVERYONE in our neighborhood.