Gaspard mbole
benicia chorus master

A native of Cameroon, Mr. Mbole was born and raised in Yaounde, where his music skills were developed at a very early age by his parents, both members of the church choir. He was trained as percussionist by his father and as singer and choir conductor by his mother. At age 16, Mr. Mbole taught himself electronic keyboard to accompany his parish youth choir, and that started his adventure as a church organist. He pursued this role with various choirs in Yaounde then in Douala, where he began his conducting career in 1998. He was elected as First Diocesan Music Director in July 2001 and received a jubilee medal from the Archbishop for his services.

Mr. Mbole served for 10 years as Music Director and Conductor of le Choeur de 18 la Fraternité de Douala, an ensemble he founded to promote classical music education and accessibility. In 2015, he was selected by Singers of United Lands to join its international touring quartet; the only African member for the group’s American tour. Shortly after emigrating to the US in early 2016, Mr. Mbole joined the GGSOC and was appointed Assistant Choral Director in May 2017 and Chorus Master for the Benicia Chapter in 2019.